Jessica Kobeissi – The Guru

10513257_847371412006760_2651682215031600608_nJessica Kobeissi is a Lebanese American graphic designer and photographer. I first found out about her through her amazing tutorials on youtube. She straight up was the IT youtuber for me, doing what I wanted to do and explaining how to do it. Not only is she talented and also down to Earth, which is very nice. I admire her postprocessing skills, her ability to make a million tiny changes, layers, curves that turn out just stunning (cuz I can just destroy everything with one layer, if ya know what I mean). But honestly, God bless you for teaching me frequency separation. 5da100c276465d82b9bd4812d2d254a1 10437646_746201592123743_3098437041503158325_n 10560283_678688818875021_6428188490886129450_o 11048769_812294842181084_1184354703569256199_n 11062872_842078589202709_5174766378760606782_n 11407180_847666875310547_7008293735525488767_n 11536109_852279008182667_2316713516095907148_n 11695554_862069577203610_2130868653579522579_n df92f8ade8e77b08954969736f5c146d Erika_Studio_1_TUMBLR_NOTAG f058ed76016f12213c91e5cc3f9a2780 IMG_0001_PRINT-940x678 Jennifer_Mansion2 Jennifer_Mansion4_1 JF_5 Madison-Red-1920 Morgan-S-Print-1 photo Taylor-6438-940x626


Canon 5D mark II

50mm 1.2

35mm 1.4

Bamboo Pen Tablet


Official website | Facebook | InstagramYoutubeVioletspell (a website when she shares her photoshop/lightroom knowledge and goodies)


Find my own work here:

Official Website | Instagram | Facebook


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