Satoki Nagata

satoki-nagata-nadia-audigie-photography-photographe-strasbourgJapanese photographer with a Ph.D. in neuroscience took it to the streets of Chicago, blasting flash at passers by, I definitely like this guy. Even though the pictures are black and white, they still have a magical wintery feeling, at least for me. I could easily see these being stills from classic Christmas movies.

Bottem line : it’s possible to take great pictures in bad weather (maybe even advised to try to).satoki-nagata-nadia-audigie-photography-photographe-strasbourg-1satoki-nagata-nadia-audigie-photography-photographe-strasbourg-2satoki-nagata-nadia-audigie-photography-photographe-strasbourg-3satoki-nagata-nadia-audigie-photography-photographe-strasbourg-4satoki-nagata-nadia-audigie-photography-photographe-strasbourg-5satoki-nagata-nadia-audigie-photography-photographe-strasbourg-6satoki-nagata-nadia-audigie-photography-photographe-strasbourg-7satoki-nagata-nadia-audigie-photography-photographe-strasbourg-8satoki-nagata-nadia-audigie-photography-photographe-strasbourg-9satoki-nagata-nadia-audigie-photography-photographe-strasbourg-11



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