Radu Mihai Iani

1490751_854049691294882_4743791997947919026_o.jpgIt sometimes seems like there are a lot of good photographers out there but not many interesting ones. I often find myself scrolling through pages of very well made portfolios thinking “seen that, and that, that’s been done”, and it kind of makes me uncomfortable because I have not stepped up my creative game in a while. Thanksgiving resolution – work on concept shoots.

Which brings me to this  Romanian photographer who has plenty of visual interest in his work! The photos are alive, funny and still well composed. I might be going out on a limb here but I don’t think you get that sort of pictures “by chance” and it’s actually a lot of looking and waiting. So hats off to Radu Mihai Iani. You inspire us to do more.




Waiting for prince charmingradu-mihai-iani-nadia-audigie-photography-17radu-mihai-iani-nadia-audigie-photography-18radu-mihai-iani-nadia-audigie-photography-19radu-mihai-iani-nadia-audigie-photography-20radu-mihai-iani-nadia-audigie-photography-21


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