Marcin Sobas

marcin-sobas-nadia-audigie-photography-19 Polish landscape photographer with a Master’s degree in economy and an IT career – Marcin Sobas. This guy has been living the dream, my dream. And probably doing it better than most at that. It’s not always easy to take good photos of a beautiful place, especially when it’s on a big scale and is done by many. But Marcin really puts a lot of thought into positioning and light to achieve these results. And I dare say it shows in the best way.

One of my photography bucket list items is going to Tuscany and taking photos of those heavenly slopes and poppies. But for now I’ll just have to look at what other talanted photographers do.marcin-sobas-nadia-audigie-photography-1marcin-sobas-nadia-audigie-photography-2marcin-sobas-nadia-audigie-photography-3marcin-sobas-nadia-audigie-photography-4marcin-sobas-nadia-audigie-photography-5marcin-sobas-nadia-audigie-photography-6marcin-sobas-nadia-audigie-photography-7marcin-sobas-nadia-audigie-photography-8marcin-sobas-nadia-audigie-photography-9marcin-sobas-nadia-audigie-photography-10marcin-sobas-nadia-audigie-photography-11marcin-sobas-nadia-audigie-photography-12marcin-sobas-nadia-audigie-photography-13marcin-sobas-nadia-audigie-photography-14marcin-sobas-nadia-audigie-photography-15marcin-sobas-nadia-audigie-photography-16marcin-sobas-nadia-audigie-photography-17marcin-sobas-nadia-audigie-photography-18


  • Canon 40d
  • Canon 6d
  • Canon 17-50 2.8 IS
  • Canon 70-200 L f4
  • Canon 50 f.18


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