It’s the time of year when bokeh invades ‘dem pictures. Actually that could be any time of yer, but with all the Christmas ornaments you can’t just not do it.

This is probably old news but I have to write about shape manipulations with bokeh. Basically you take a pieve of paper (or something similar), cut out the desired shape and take the picture. Easy peasy! You can actually buy ready made sets if yo lazy.

1298713909_bokeh-kit-d47c.00000012893626400_63f17_de19c3b1_orig0_63f22_2f3ca609_orig0_73e51_ba6672c1_L508108.23189512910557221_81234nothumb650  boke_IMG_4838slbd2


A video how to make this stuff, in Russian but I think it’s understandable.

And if you’re more interested in bokeh, wikipedia it up:


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